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Philliam Mellevon's sophomore album is a fantastic work of art, showcasing the band, different genre's of metal are blended into one gigantic behemoth that is 'Solace' Even though the songs are something of themselves they add more of a twist to whatever you hear on a regular metal album, nothing is taboo in a Mellevon song.

Mellevon's Solace was the best album of 2014! Favorite track: Relinquish.
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released December 15, 2014

The Band:
Red Skull: Lead vocals, clean vocals (track 3, 13).
April Hutchins: Guitars, spoken word (track 9), vocals (track 11).
Chel Vorsteher: Keyboards, clean vocals (track 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 12, 13).
Stefan Guaiani: Bass, harsh vocals (track 2, 6).
Colin MacAndrew : Drums, harsh vocals (track 2, 6 and 14).

Most music and lyrics written by April Hutchins except…
Music and lyrics for "Fracture" written by Stefan Guaiani.
Music for "Solace" written by Chel Vorsteher.
Music and lyrics for "Deathwish" written by Red Skull.
All drum parts arranged by Colin MacAndrew.
All compositions arranged by Mellevon.

Production and Artwork:
Recorded and produced by April Hutchins at Muffin Studios, Montreal.
Cover artwork "Metamorphosis" by Mental Shed Productions.

Guest Performers:
Björn Strid (Soilwork): Vocals on "The Quiet Light".
Les Godfrey (ex-Tchort, ex-The Illuminati): Guitar solo on "Under Moss".
Kyle Lapointe (The Renaissance Men): Spoken word intro on "Sonically Transmitted Dysphoria".
Melanie Hutchins: Vocal harmonies on "Left Behind".

The members of Mellevon would like to thank their respective family members, friends, groupies, pets, relevant significant others and memorable sexual involvements.
Oh, and you. You’re pretty awesome.



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Mellevon Montréal, Québec

Mellevon is a metal band from Montreal, Canada, founded in 2009.

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Track Name: The Mists of April
In the mists of April, I lost my mind,
Took comfort in what
Thoughtless pleasure I could find.
In the loss of my clarity, I sought reprieve
From the pangs of the heartache
I sought to deceive.

I drained the glass
And closed my eyes
So not to feel
The emptiness arise.

Well, now you’re here, and I can see
The tortured martyr inside of me.
Through thrashing limbs and lashing pain,
I let my wounds soak in the rain.

Forget the life I couldn’t live.
Forget the love I couldn’t give.
Hold fast the storm and be at peace.
Just leave it all and be at ease.
I need it not, I need it none.
Just leave it all, because I’m done.

With your back against the wall,
Your back against it all,
Take that first step.
Take me with you.

Take my hand and show me
The roar of the thunders
Of stifled emotion.
I embrace the storm
Of memories buried in me,
And let the tears pour out.
Track Name: Sapphire Eyes
On too many a night,
I am met with a sight
That inspires me to sin.
Seduced, I can't ignore.
My eyes are bombarded
With what I desire,
Just out of my reach again,
And it makes me want it more.

I breathe for nothing
But to take your breath away,
To steal the light from your eyes
Before they take the life from me.

No one's gonna save you now.

The light reflects
Off the blood on my flesh
As I drive the blade in.
It burns deeper than before.
My mind erupts in flames.
The desire, I try to resist again,
And it makes me want it more.
It makes me want it.

I just want you to know,
Before you disappear forever,
I will always love you.
I just love to kill you more.

I want you to tell me who I am.

Birds fall from the sky tonight.
See your deception’s demise.
Your soul and life
Will be mine tonight,
And I’ll watch you die
Behind sapphire eyes.
Track Name: Acrasia
Oh, bravest knight and palmer,
Who have traveled by and by,
Why tread you through this bower
With vengeance in your eyes?

This place is our paradise,
Where we content but to recline,
To bathe in crystal waters
And the juices of the vine.

We offered you our friendship
And the pleasures of our skin;
You burned this garden down
To cleanse us of our “sin”.

No Hell could compare to
That which you today have shown.
Are you so hateful of your flesh
As to scorn us for our own?

Drag me away by the rope.
Is this what you call virtue?
Is this the work of your God?
Track Name: Sonnet of the Revenant
This entity, eternal, shifting,
Its sinuous movement serpentine.
The barrier falls, the curtains lifting,
A quiet passing in the sands of time.

Anomaly, abomination,
A name by which we call this sleep.
Denial of my revelation,
The wyrm rejoices and the angels weep.

The shackles of my soullessness,
This payment due for all my sins.
But the torturers of Avarice
Could not deprive me of my wings.

And so, I am a revenant,
The echo of a life in squander spent.
Track Name: Fracture
Your world is mine.
I am the awakened one,
Ruler of blood and thorns.
Fall down, break down, cave in.
They will never hear you scream
With my boot on your face, bitch.

Imagined from the depths of Hell,
Reforged from smoke and stone…

You have sold the souls of man,
And you must pay with your lives.
You will all know this as the day
You fractured your world.

You treacherous sheep,
Follow your leader to your doom.
There, you will see
How ruthless a tyrant I can be.
I shall consume to my liking.

Broken by man’s only weapon,
Refuelled by hatred…
Do you not know who I am?
I am the gatekeeper
To your bloodletting.
What’s wrong, my dear?
Have you not seen
The face of death before?
Track Name: Relinquish
On all these endless nights,
I fall asleep and dream,
And I only dream of you,
My darling.

I want to end this,
End this pain you’re feeling,
Break your walls down
So you might start healing,
And the wish that
I truly must impart:
To be the salve that
Mends your broken heart.

You’re the light at
The end of the darkness,
But these words have no meaning
Without action, so mark this:
Take my hand, darling,
Let me lift you up from the floor.
Look in my eyes for yourself.
My intentions are pure.

I am everything you wanted,
Everything you needed.
Ever shall I be yours.
Darling, can’t you see?
Give yourself to me.

On all these endless nights,
I lie awake and wish
That I was lying next to you.
My darling, I am…

Cold and lonely.
I’ve come undone,
And only with your touch
Can these severed fragments
Merge into one again.
Look in my eyes, my friend,
Say your goodbyes.
I won’t survive without you by my side.

And my dear, I need you.
I won’t mislead you.
I once denied it,
But I’ve only to concede, it’s true.
You’re all I want in all
This cold, dark life.
Come to me now,
‘Cause I’m standing on
The edge of my knife again.

And every night,
Every night,
I fall asleep
And dream of you.
Track Name: Under Moss (feat. Les Godfrey)
Ten years ago,
I saw you in this place.
Can't remember what you said,
But I could not forget your face.
Time's current strong
Has long since swallowed me
And left me washed ashore
As I kneel upon
The ground in which you lay.

I wish I could have found you
Before the sickness and despair,
But I had stepped so far astray
And I had lost myself somewhere.
I wish that I could hold your hand
Through the horrors of this life,
But I’m standing here alone,
And you’re under the moss tonight.

Ten years ago,
You told me things would change,
Told me we could find our way,
And I find it kind of strange.
You cut your ties and ran away,
And now, those years
Have long since passed
To find me standing here today.

Set me free.
Take me away.
I want to join you.
Track Name: These Bloody Days
These bloody days have broken my heart.
My lust, my youth, did long depart.
This tower grate showed me such sight
That in my mind burns day and night.

These bloody days have broken me down.
These words, I pray, shall carry on.
Soon, I will be dead and gone,
For the thunder roars about the throne.

By proof, I say, here do I learn:
Wit helps not innocence to earn.
Hope, I fear, is all in vain,
And here, I rot, plagued by disdain.

Condemned to die without trial
Like a dog, this bell tower my kennel.
Let it be known that God,
Should He exist,
Cares not for the sufferings of man,
For despite his omnipotence,
He has abandoned us
To torture and death.
Track Name: Sonically Transmitted Dysphoria
I’m blinking hours away.
I stare at the ceiling.
I’m losing the feeling in my arms
As I struggle to remember
How it felt to hold the knife.

I can’t smell my blood anymore.
I can’t smell the rain anymore.
I can’t smell the flowers I handpicked
To go with the antics
I befoul myself with now
In denial.

When the ice falls,
I’m sick with loathing.
As the lice crawl,
Their bellies bloating,
And these nights all
Just seem to blend together,
Just let me be.
Just let me bleed.

And I speak
With the conviction of
A self-help pamphlet reader,
Tell myself I won’t be broken again,
But do I really believe it?

My soul: no more than that
Of creatures crawling out from the bogs.
My heart: a piece of rotting
Blubber to be thrown to the dogs.
My lungs repudiate their charge
As I am waiting to drown.
I want to take this wall I’ve built
And burn it fucking down.

I’m in it deep today.
I stare at the ceiling.
I’ve lost all the feeling in my arms,
And I cannot even remember
How it felt to hold your hand.

I can’t smell your blood anymore.
I can’t taste your pain anymore.
I can’t smell your flower I handpicked
To top off my hat trick,
And I’ve soiled us both, my dear.
Track Name: Left Behind
I’m lying here.
My blood drips down the wall.
I fell from nowhere.
Now, I can’t feel at all.

I caught myself
And dropped myself again.
I found my conscience,
But I left it to the sand.
It slipped through my fingers
And rubbed them dry withal.
I fell from nowhere.
God help me.

I’ve seen my hands marked
With bloodshed infinite.
I bled out the cancer,
But I’d lost myself in it.
I bathed in crimson
And heeded to the call.
Now, all is silent,
And I can’t see at all.

And as the night falls,
I count out the last of my grains.
If I’d the gall, I would siphon
The blood in my veins,
But I’m alone and I have nothing.
I want to die.

I’m food for the pavement.
The blood oozes out of my skin.
I tore through the cold glass,
And I threw myself into the wind,
And as I fell, I heard it calling
From deep inside of my mind:
“I’m here in your memory.
I’m what you left behind.”
Track Name: Deathwish
I was born in the sands
Near the railroad tracks;
The sounds of my life,
And I want to go back.
The industrial houses
Filled with shadows and death;
I got out alive,
But with scars I can’t forget.

I try to find shelter
Before a piece of me dies.
The anger and pain,
Unseen by most eyes,
It sleeps beside me
As it rips out my hope,
While the blade sinks
Deeper and cuts open my throat.

And I will never see her again.
I will wait for you.
This destruction’s a sign
That it’s taking my life...
For you.

I’ve been holding my words in
For so goddamn long,
Waiting for a sign
That death might come.
I’ve been trying to escape
From all the horrors in my mind
While the blank stare state
Took the pain away from time.

The nameless faces
Of all the people who died;
I carry an envy
'Cause I’m still left alive.
I looked at her barely
As my life stood still,
As I saw her drowned
By empty bottles and pills.

And when I’m gone,
I just want you to see
The demons inside of me,
Now that it doesn’t matter anymore,
Now that I’m gone.

Over and over in my head,
I see those scars.
Remember the day
That we first met?
Take me back.
I want to go back.
Take me back to that place.

And if my struggle
Can paint a landscape,
I’ll paint it with pictures of pain.
I’ll cut down the family portrait
And replace it with a blank face.
I would do anything
To be the person I was before,
And I would do anything
To have never shut that door
Now that I’m gone.
Track Name: The Quiet Light (feat. Björn Strid)
The ground is growing cold
Beneath the flickering gold
Light from candles shining bright.
Here, I find solace in the night.

A flaming lily blooms
As starlight fills the gloom.
Water, a mirror of the sky,
Guides me on to the other side.

I look into the bowl
And see you staring back.
What time has stolen from me:
An image in the black.

I've cried and I've bled,
But I'll never forget.
As certain as the moon that shines
Down on me from above,
I'll sit by your side
Through the dead of night.
By the quiet light of dying flames,
I mourn you, my love.